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Hello and Welcome ! I am

Arnaud Koncina

, web developer and designer.

This portfolio is all about introducing myself and showing off my talents in website creation.

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Développeur web freelance à Paris

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  • Arnaud Koncina
    20 rue Saint Fuscien
    80000 Amiens
    30 years old


  • 11/2008 - Now
    Web developer
    Company : Awelty (Amiens, France)

    06/2008 - 09/2008
    Web developer (internship)
    Company : Déclic Communication (Saint-Avold, France)

    04/2007 - 06/2007
    Web developer (internship)
    Company : Silicon Dream (Auckland, NZ)

  • 2008
    Degree in
    Bachelor degree in Computing Systems and Software
    Communication - Multimedia option

    2006 - 2007
    Diploma in Computer Development
    specializing in Digital Imaging

    High school diploma
    option Engineering Science

  • Photography (digital) / Photoshop
    Avid sportsman : soccer, running, handball


  • arnaud-k
  • g-ski
  • blog-arnaud-k
  • agendaculturel
  • phpfonctions
  • arnaud-k-V2
  • flickr - arnaud-k
  • saint-riquier
  • coconews
  • deviantart - arnok
  • jaimelasomme
  • twitter

This is the third version of my personal website. It gives a brief yet comprehensive overview of my different talents in web development and design, and photography. I like to think of this website as my own personal experimental lab.

The main technologies used for creating the site were JQuery and the plugin JParallax. This website is widely quoted in web design and development blogs, CSS galleries like CSSelite and CSSbased as well as JQuery showcases such as JQueryStyle and UseJQuery.

Design / HTML / CSS / JQuery / Flash


G-ski is the first online ski resort management game.

This website was created and developed by MiNiBLiN. I have entirely redesigned and integrated the website at the beginning of the year 2009, and also created the introductory Flash animation (which incorporates videos as well) and a Ajax-powered (JQuery/PHP) chat.

Design / HTML / CSS / Ajax / Flash

Voir g-ski

My personal blog. I mainly write about JQuery and web design.

I also publish tutorials on using the JavaScript framework JQuery. I see this website as a source of inspiration for other up and coming web designers like myself.

Wordpress theming / SEO / Writing

See the blog

AgendaCulturel is a collaborative cultural website. The website is divided into 100 mini-sites (1 for each French department). The site aims to centralize information about cultural events - big and small - for both participants and spectators. There is also a blog providing general cultural news.

I developed the 100 mini-sites using PHP/MySQL, and was responsible for the site's Ajax/JavaScript development (using JQuery).

PHP / MySQL / JQuery / Ajax

See Agenda Culturel

PHPfonctions is a collaborative website for web developers to share their own ... PHP functions! It provides additional collaborative tools such as votes and comments.

PHPfonctions is my own personal creation, from A to Z. It's often quoted in blogs (presse-citron for example, the most popular French hi-tech blog).

Design / HTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL / JavaScript / Ajax

See PHPfonctions

This is the second version of my personal website. It contains my CV and several examples of my work.

My first experiences with JQuery were during the development of this website.

Design / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Flash

See the old version of

My Flickr account where I regularly upload photos. I really enjoy taking and editing photos!

Photos / Photoshop

See the photos

The website of the 2009 Saint-Riquier festival presented the festival programme. There was also a blog, each entry able to be attached to a photo gallery.

I worked on the the development of the website: the blog, administration, programming and intergation of Google Maps.

PHP / MySQL / JQuery / Google Map API

See Festival de Saint-Riquier

Coconews is a website divided into 3 mini-sites: Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana. Each mini-site details tourist information, local news and has a cultural diary. Moreover, Coconews integrates social networking: managing friends, internal messaging, favorites, blogs etc.

I developed the whole website and underlying database infrastucure. I also used the Bing Map API for geolocalizations.

PHP / MySQL / JQuery / Ajax / Bing Map API

See Coconews

My DeviantArt account where I upload my photos, illustrations (Adobe Illustrator) or web designs.

Photos / Photos Editing / Illustrator

See my DeviantArt gallery

The website "J'aime la Somme" (I love the Somme) was created to promote the beautiful french department of la Somme. The website is based on the Coconews template.

PHP / MySQL / JQuery / Ajax / Bing Map API

See J'aime la somme

Finally, a few words about my Twitter account. According to me, Twitter is a great tool. It's ideal for keeping up to date with what's hot and what's not on the web, especially in the fields of web design, development (and it's a great source of inspiration to boot).

Writing / Technology watch

Follow me !


  • PHP/MySQL * * * * *
    HTML/CSS * * * *

    JQuery * * * *
    Ajax * * * *

    XML (and XSLT) * * *
    Flash * *

  • Web design :
    Photoshop & Gimp

    SEO :
    URL Rewriting (htacces & php)
    HTML pages structures

  • API :
    Youtube (search, upload, display)
    Flickr (search, upload, display)
    GMaps (geocoding, display)
    Bing Maps (geocoding, display)

    CMS :
    Drupal (installation, personalization)
    Wordpress (installation, personalization)

  • Dreamweaver * * * * *
    Quanta & Notepad++ * * * *
    Adobe Photoshop * * *
    Gimp * * *
    Adobe Illustrator * * *
    Adobe Flash * *

    Operating Systems :
    Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Red Hat)
    Windows XP & Vista
    Mac OSX


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